English version by Eliza Biță

Ever since the end of the Second World War, the study of the right-wing and left-wing totalitarian regimes has been a preoccupation of the academia and of the general public. Bearing a strong ideological influence that was attached to it under the communist regime and being, therefore, less approached by historians, the recent, contemporary or totalitarian history has seen a powerful surge after 1989. The need to study the 1945-1990 period is linked, among other things, to the educational function of history and, subsequently, to the responsibility of the historian community concerning present-day society and young generations.

Under such circumstances, since 1995, NIST ( has been paying significant attention to editing specialised publications, either periodicals (the “Totalitarianism Archives” journal, a “classical” title in the field, which has never stopped being published so far), or various works, issued in tomes gathered in collections, such as “Documents”, “Syntheses”, “Dictionaries”, “Memoirs”, “Encyclopaedias” etc.

Therefore, more than 100 books have been published, most of which approach fundamental themes of the Romanian and the universal historiographies for the first time. Most of them went quickly out of print, so that they needed to be reedited, either online or on paper.

The project set forth by NIST aims at reediting its publications on a complex webpage– currently under construction (http//, with all present-day facilities and which will also include data on the current activity of NIST and in the field of the research on the question of totalitarian regimes. Through the use of an intelligent design that is fit both for standard computers and for mobile terminals (telephones, tablets and laptops), the contents can be accessed under high mobility and speed circumstances.

Using this website facilitates the complex accessing, in various environments (academic, university, cultural, social, and educational) of the mass of data on the repression applied by the communist regime in Romania and the support of the current educational and research initiatives in the high-school and university educational systems.