The "Totalitarianism Archives" Journal

English version by Eliza Biță

Totalitarianism Archives” is an academic journal, published by the National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism of the Romanian Academy. Having been founded in 1993, it makes available for the scientific community and the public the results of the most recent research on the origins and the evolutions of the right and left totalitarianism in Romania and worldwide.

Totalitarianism Archives” publishes original papers - studies, documents, testimonies, chronologies, term glossaries and reviews in Romanian, French and English. Moreover, it issues translations into Romanian of the scientific contributions of researchers from the former communist area. Entire issues of the journal are periodically published in English and French.

Such has been the case of the following issues: “Totalitarianism Archives” nos. 4 of 1996, 1 of 1997, 1-2 of 2002, 3-4 of 2011.

Between 1993 and 2012, the articles in the journal were signed by renowned authors, acknowledged names of the Romanian scientific and public lives, such as: Dorel Abraham, Daniel Barbu, Alexandru Barnea, Alexandru Bârlădeanu, Academician Dan Berindei, Ovidiu Bozgan, Adrian Brişcă, Gheorghe Buzatu, Dan Cernovodeanu, Ioan Chiper, Academician Florin Constantiniu, Florea Dumitrescu, col. dr. Alesandru Duţu, Academician Dinu C. Giurescu, Mihai Golu, Constantin Hlihor, Academician Mircea Maliţa, Paul Niculescu-Mizil, Gheorghe Onişoru, Academician Ioan Păun Otiman, Petre Otu, Dumitru Preda, Mihai Retegan, Ioan Scurtu, Gheorghe Stroe, Dumitru Şandru, Florian Tănăsescu, Cristian Troncotă, Petre Ţurlea, Sorin Vasilescu, Academician Radu P. Voinea.

A few of the foreign authors that have published articles in the “Totalitarianism Archives” journal are: Kari Alenius (Finland), Pierre Bouillon (France), Adam Burakowski (Poland), Gheorghe E. Cojocaru (Moldova), Ashby Crowder (U. S.A.), Éva Cseszka (Hungary), Aliksander Dalhouski (Belarus), Mircea Druc (Moldova), Heini Frietsche (Germany), Irina Gridan (France), Amy Hampartumian (United Kingdom), Jerzy Holzer (Poland), Taras Kijak (Ukraine), Ö. Kovács Joszéf (Hungary), Miroslav Londak (Slovakia), Elena Londakova (Slovakia), Anatol Petrencu (Moldova), Tatiana Pokivailova (Russia), Elena Postică (Moldova), Rainer M. János (Hungary), Bernd Rill (Federal Republic of Germany), Phillippe Rostaing (France), Schlett András (Hungary), A. K. Sokolov (Russia), Lavinia Stan (Canada), Aleksandr Stykalin (Russia), Marius Tărâţă (Moldova), Vesa Vares (Finland), Alexander Vezenkov (Bulgaria), Tatiana Volokitina (Russia).

The articles published in the “Totalitarianism Archives” journal are subject to a double review: an in-house one, carried out by the journal editors, and an external one, by external referees, contemporary history specialists.

The journal is published quarterly – 4 issues a year. Starting with the first year when it came out, 1999, the issues have been appearing in groups of two every year, each having 288 pages. The journal includes black and white archive photographs, and, from issue no. 1-2 of 2000 on, the covers have been polychromatic.

The Totalitarianism Archives journal is enlisted in the EBSCO, CEEOL, ERIH NATIONAL and SCIPIO databases.

The journal has a presentation page on the NIST website ( and its own webpage - (



October 2015


„Arhivele Totalitarismului”

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